Why the M16 rifle refuses to go away

Why the M16 rifle refuses to go away

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The M16 wasn’t made to simply hold its own against the enemy’s AK47. The purpose of the M16 and the M4 was to absolutely crush the Ak47’s performance in every category from ease of use to accuracy. I think the data shows the gun accomplished that goal. In this video we’ll learn the educational history of the M16 machine gun from Vietnam to modern day combat. I’ll explain how the M16 main US Army gas operated rifle works.

This rifle and the smaller intermediate caliber 5.56 mm is more accurate and lethal. During a marksmanship test conducted in 1961 by the US Army they discovered 43% of M16 shooters would qualify as experts while only 22% of 762 M-14 shooters could do the same.

The basic evolution of the M16 and M4 from the A1 to the A4 is that Eugene Stoner added a heavier barrel and a three round burst setting instead of full auto.

Written & Edited by: Chris Cappy

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Research link: O’Connell, J., 2020. The M16 in Vietnam: A History of the Weapon’s Effectiveness in the Vietnam War and the Necessity of its Creation. Philologia, 12(1), pp.14–19. DOI: http://doi.org/10.21061/ph.228