Shooting the Benelli M4 Tactical – Spoiler Alert: IT'S AMAZING

Shooting the Benelli M4 Tactical – Spoiler Alert: IT'S AMAZING

Running the Benelli M4 Semi Auto Shotgun – check out my channel for the new version of this vid.

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The Benelli M4 is a fantastic weapon system produced by Italian firearms manufacturer Benelli. It was developed for a USA semi auto shotgun request for the military. The Benelli M4 is now one of the most commonly used shotguns in Military and Law Enforcement. This was the first gas operated shotgun Benelli designed, having traditionally used an inertia driven system in the semi automatics. The Auto Regulating Gas Operating, or ARGO for short, is a self adjusting, self cleaning system that allows both light field loads and heavy buckshot/slugs to be used and reliably run interchangeably without any adjustments to the shotguns gas system. The Benelli M4 is a 12 gauge semi automatic shotgun.

Mine is outfitted with the tactical, collapsible stock. It also features a GG&G enlarged cocking handle, a Brugger and Thomet (B&T AG) handguard, and extended magazine tube (legal in Canada), and a breacher choke.

I have a complete lineup of videos featuring the Benelli M4 including this First Person Shooting (FPS) video. A Gun 101 informational overview video. And an assembly/disassembly Field Strip video.

In Canada this is a non-restricted firearm only legal to own with a PAL. I am properly licensed for this firearm. It is legal to discharge on the property and in the manner displayed in the video.

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