Best AR 15 Lower Receivers – The Ultimate Buying Guide

Best AR 15 Lower Receivers – The Ultimate Buying Guide

Best AR-15 Lower Receivers in 2021. Our TOP Pick:

✅1. Palmetto State Armory
✅2. Anderson Manufacturing
✅3. Aero Precision lower
✅4. Battle Arms Development Lightweight Lower
✅5. F1 Firearms lower

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There are basically 3 kinds of lower receivers: stripped, complete, and 80%.

Lower receivers are the one part of an AR15, than carries the trigger group, pistol grip, and the stock or brace. With all these parts and attached to the upper receiver, they form a complete AR15.

Stripped lowers are lowers without all the other parts attached. These lowers are the only serialized part of an AR15. To buy them, you have to go through a licensed dealer.
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