Taurus New Pistol Announcement Coming Soon 05-19-21

Taurus New Pistol Announcement Coming Soon 05-19-21

A new Taurus Pistol on the way! A New Level of Distinction All it’s Own. Is it the GX4?

About me:
I am a Digital Media Specialist and prospecting Cyber Forensics/Information Security Specialist with a passion for firearms, the 2nd amendment, computer technology, video games, and tacos. I am always looking to learn more about and experience more firearms. This is where I want to share those experiences.
For those asking how to pronounce my handle it is (Slav-in-a-tor-ski).
Proud member and supporter of the GOA (Gun Owners of America).

In the beginning:
I started this YouTube channel to originally show some firearms I had purchased and experiment with making a YouTube channel. I have since moved to doing actual tabletop reviews of firearms to help people out that are looking into new firearms to purchase. The channel has since expanded to include Video game streams that I thought might be entertaining and funny to watch.
The channel continues with this format today and is also used as a way to experiment different digital media and video editing ideas for my current job and to document my journey as a digital media designer and firearms enthusiast.
The goal is to help viewers learn more about firearms, help viewers in their decisions in what to buy, and to learn from my viewers as well.

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