The NEW GX4 Micro-Compact 9mm Pistol from Taurus USA –

The NEW GX4 Micro-Compact 9mm Pistol from Taurus USA –

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Boge Quinn ( tests the ALL-NEW Taurus GX4 Micro-Compact 9mm Semi-Auto Pistol.

With the introduction of the GX4, Taurus has entered the Micro-9 market much as their totemic Bull enters a China Shop. Built in the USA, the GX4 takes a back seat to none, and Taurus’ commitment to ergonomics and 100% reliability places the GX4 firmly at the forefront of this exciting new crop of Micro-9 pistols. Retailing for $100 to $200 less than competing designs, the GX4 represents an amazing value in today’s market, and coupled with the pistol’s rock-solid performance and reliability, it is easy to see that Taurus USA has another winner with the GX4.

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