Barrett M95 Tutorial

Barrett M95 Tutorial

The Model 95 is a compact, accurate magazine-fed bolt action rifle. The bullpup design provides the shooter with the high velocity and accuracy of a 29 inch barrel but in a shortened overall length. The rifle, adopted by foreign militaries, is ideal for those seeking repeating fire with the accuracy of a bolt action.

The buttplate, magazine well, and trigger housing are unitized and help stiffen the lightened steel lower receiver. The upper receiver is made of lightened steel reinforced with a fitted steel M1913 optics rail. It supports the match-grade, chrome-chambered, fluted barrel. The two are assembled in less than a minute using only two ball-detent assembly pins.

The innovative bolt carrier is designed for speed, reliability and safety. The carrier slides effortlessly on machined-smooth dual parallel rails. It transports a huge bolt that locks into the barrel extension at three points. The firing pin is driven by two shortened firing pin springs designed for redundancy and lightning-quick lock speed. The bolt sports a large, easy to grasp handle.

The Model 95 ergonomics make it comfortable to shoot. The rifle rests on its lightweight M60-inspired front bipod and an optional adjustable rear monopod. The shooter can accurately and quickly fire five rounds before easily replacing the magazine.

The Model 95 provides the discerning shooter with bolt-action accuracy and magazine fed rate of fire.

The Model 95 is what you expect in a Barrett. Innovative. Purposeful. Rugged.